9-10, 11-12, and 13-15 LEAGUES

All playing and eligibility rules shall be in accordance with the Rules of Basketball as published by the National Federation of State High School Associations unless modified by these General Rules.


1-A: It is the express policy of the Lutherville-Timonium Basketball Association and its Advisory Board to achieve competitive balance among the teams in each league. The selection of the teams shall be undertaken in a manner consistent with this overriding objective, and under the direction of the League Commissioners.

1-B: Each team will have at least seven (7) and no more than eight (8) players. This rule will be implemented by the League Commissioners.

1-C: High School Varsity Players are ineligible to play LTRC Basketball.


2-A: Every player present at the start of the game must play at least four (4) minutes per quarter. Substitution is allowed only at 4-minute intervals at the start and midpoint of each quarter.  There are three (3) exceptions to the 4-minute interval rule: (1) if a player fouls out, a substitute must enter; (2) if a player is injured a substitute must enter, and the injured player may only re-enter for his or her substitute if injured player is available before the next scheduled substitution; (3) during overtime play substitutions may be freely made in accordance with NFHS rules. Additionally, every player present at the start or before the first substitution must sit at least one 4 minute segment if you have 6 or more players.  The clock will be stopped briefly at the midpoint of each quarter by the officials to permit substitutions.

2-B: If a player is not present at the start of the game, when ready the player should substitute at the next scheduled substitution. A player reporting to the game after the completion of the first half of the game may play at the discretion of the coach but there is no guaranteed playing time.

2-C: If a team can field only five (5) or fewer players at the beginning of the game, the coach may call up one or more replacement players from the same-gender L.T.R.C. Youth Basketball league in the age group immediately below to field up to six (6) players. In this event, all regular team members must play no less than any replacement player, unless disqualified under applicable rules. If a team can field six (6) regular players at the beginning of the game, no younger players may be called up. Under no circumstances may a coach call up a player in the same age group, or a player who has not registered with LTRC Youth Basketball for that season.  The League Commissioners shall enforce this rule in a manner consistent with its purpose.

2-D: A replacement player may play in the next older league per Rule 2-C only with the consent of the player’s parent or guardian. Such consent must be obtained each time a player plays in an older league. A replacement player will be limited to two appearances for any one team.

2-E: Players who miss practices and/or games on a regular basis may be subject to reduced playing time at the discretion of the coach but only with the knowledge and approval of the League Commissioner.

2-F: Failure to comply with any participation rules may result in the forfeiture of the game and/or suspension of the head coach.



3-A: Time: Eight (8) minute running quarters; “stop clock” last two (2) minutes of each half and the last 10 seconds of the 1st and 3rd quarters. One overtime- one (1) minute stop clock, one time out may carry over plus one (1) additional and free substitutions. Game will be a tie if no winner after the one overtime. (For playoffs- overtimes are 2 minute stop clock on shooting fouls and stopping the last 10 seconds on every whistle with only one (1) timeout)

3-B: Fouls: Double Bonus takes effect on 5th team foul in each quarter; team fouls reset each quarter. Player disqualification occurs on the 5th foul.

3-C: Jump ball will start game; thereafter, alternating possessions. A jump ball will start any overtime period.

3-D: Time-outs: Four (4) full per game.  Overtime: One (1) additional plus one (1) carryover if available.  (For playoffs- additional overtimes only one (1) timeout, no carryovers)

3-E: Full-court pressing shall be permitted in the fourth quarter and overtime only. This rule applies only to the 9-10 and 11-12 leagues.

3-F: If a team is leading by 15 or more points in any league, full-court pressing will not be permitted.

3-G: Three-point field goal applies to the 13-15 boys/13-16 girls’ league and 11-12 when possible (in a gym with a 3-point line).

3-H: The winning coach is responsible for notifying the League Commissioner of game results within 24 hours. Game results and league standings will be posted on the LTRC website.

3-I: Game times are announced in the League schedule. Failure to have four (4) players at game time results in forfeiture.  A team may start with 4 players.

3-J: During games, only two coaches are allowed to sit on the bench at one time. Only the Head Coach is allowed to stand up.

3-K: With the exception of any rules clearly set forth in these LTRC Rules, the NFHS basketball rules will apply to all LTRC gameplay.


4-A: Any player who is ejected from a game for poor sportsmanship will serve an immediate one-game suspension. A second ejection will result in an immediate two-game suspension. A third ejection will result in a season-ending suspension.

4-B: Any coach who is ejected from a game for poor sportsmanship will serve an immediate one-game suspension. A second ejection will result in a season-ending suspension.  Any coach who receives more than one technical foul over the course of the season for poor sportsmanship will be suspended for the next game.  Continued technical fouls will be reviewed by the Sportsmanship Committee for further disciplinary action.

4-C: In addition to rules 4-A and 4-B, any player or coach may be suspended for an indefinite period by the Advisory Board for any action that is deemed detrimental to the best interests of the Program.



5-A: A decision by Baltimore County to close schools, or to close schools early, will cancel weekday games and practices at BCPS facilities. The decision to cancel weekend games will be made by the LTRC Program Coordinator, President, and League Commissioners.

5-B: The League Commissioner will notify each coach of a weekend game cancellation. Coaches will be responsible for notifying his/her players. An announcement will be placed on

5-C: The rescheduling of postponed games will be within the discretion of the Advisory Board.


6-A: All teams will compete in a post-season, single-elimination tournament. Tournament winners and runners-up will receive awards. Tournament seeding is determined by winning percentage. For seeding purposes, ties will be broken by head-to-head competition then coin toss.

6-B: Regular season rules apply to tournament games, including Rule 3-G


7-A: Tryouts for travel teams are open to all players registered to play in the L.T.R.C. in-house program.

7-B: A travel team player must be registered and play regularly in the L.T.R.C. in-house program. If a player has a conflict between an in-house game and a travel team game, the player must play in his in-house game or face suspension from travel league play.  Travel players who play for their high school team are exempt from in-house participation requirements.

7-C: A player on a travel team is not guaranteed game participation. There is no playing time requirement.  A player must be in good standing with the in-house team to remain eligible for the travel team.

7-D: Travel team players will be required to pay an additional fee. Travel team coaches will collect fees prior to the distribution of uniforms.

7-E: A Travel Team Committee will oversee the player and coach selection process, and will advise on any other problems that may arise.

7-F: If a travel coach needs to call up a player the player must be a registered LTRC participant.  All call-ups must be pre-approved by the travel coordinator and the decision to be allowed to play will be made in the best interest of the LTRC Youth Basketball Program.

                                                                                                                        Rev 11/2023