Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- What are current COVID protocols?

A-Current COVID protocols will be kept up to date under the Covid Regulations tab.

Q- When is registration?

A- Registration starts August 22 and runs through September 30 or until specific age groups are full.

Q-Is there a walk-in registration?

A No, we only conduct online registrations.

Q Must my child play within their age group?

A- Yes.

Q- When can my child begin playing?

A- Participants must be 6 years old as of September 1.

Q- Why do participants have to submit a copy of their Birth Certificate?

A- All new players must email/US mail a valid copy of the player’s birth certificate (or passport) so it may be reviewed by the registrar.  This is done upon entry into the LTRC Basketball Program and is not needed for returning players.  If you register as a returning player and we do not have birth certificate verification you will not be considered registered.

Q- Can my child request to play on the same team as their friends or may I request teammates for carpooling?  Can I request a specific coach?

A- We have a large number of participants and our goal is to establish teams that are roughly equal in skill level to the best of our knowledge.  As a result, we can not accept requests of any kind.  Siblings within the same age group will be placed on the same team (unless otherwise requested).

Q- My child can’t make a certain night?

A- When registering, we allow one (1) evening to be selected in which your child can NOT participate.


Q- What are the evaluations for?

A- The evaluations are to assist with the even distribution of players among the teams.


Q- When are the games?

This is a guide only and may need to change due to facilities.

A- Wednesday 6-7 clinic is held on Wednesday evenings.
Saturday 6-7, 8 clinic & 9-10 are held on Saturdays ranging from morning to late afternoon.
11-12 boys is held on Saturday mornings and afternoons and occasional Sunday afternoons (only if needed).
11-13 girls is held on Saturday afternoon and evening.
13-15 boys is held on Sunday afternoon and evenings or Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
14-17 girls is held on Monday and Wednesday evenings and weekends (if necessary).
The above is dependent on registration numbers and gym availability, and therefore subject to change.

Q- When are practices?

A- The 6-7 clinic program only plays on the day you sign up for.  Boys 8 and Girls 8 practice one day a week (could be Monday through Thursday), if gym space is available.

9-10, 11-12 boys, and 11-13 girls can practice any day of the week.

13-15 boys and 14-17 girls typically do not hold practice once the season starts.

Q- Where are games and practices held?

A- TYPICALLY- 6-7 & 8 are held at Lutherville Lab and Pinewood.  9-10 is held at Hampton, Lutherville, Pinewood, and Timonium.  11-12 boys and 11-13 girls games are held at Ridgely and practices could be at any of the LT sites.  13-15 boys and 14-17 girls are held at Ridgely or Carver.
The above are dependent on registration numbers and school availability.

Q- How many times a week does my child play?

A- The 6-7 clinic programs meet once a week. The 8 clinic program meets twice a week (if space permits).

9-10 & 11-12 boys and 11-13 girls have one game and one practice a week. (During playoff weeks games may be played on practice nights)

13-15 boys has two games a week (with an occasional week of three games).

14-17 girls has one or two games a week.

Q- When does the season run?

A- Practices begin in early November and games run the 1st Saturday in December through February with appropriate breaks for holidays.  Clinic starts the first week of December and runs through February.


Q- Does my child receive a uniform?

A- All participants receive a jersey and are expected to provide their own shorts, socks, and appropriate shoes.  LT shorts are available through spirit wear sales.

Q- What size basketball is used?

A-Clinics use 27.5” youth balls, all girls and boys 9-10 use 28.5” and boys 11-12 & 13-15 use 29.5”.

Q- Does my child receive a basketball?

A- Only clinic players receive a basketball

Q- When will we be contacted about team assignments?

A- As soon as the leagues are assigned you will be contacted by your coach, this may be a very short time before the first event.


Q- When are tryouts?

A- You may go to the web site and see when specific age group tryouts are being held and at what locations.  Travel tryouts take place in September/October.

Q- Does my child have to play in house if he makes a travel team?

A- All participants must play in-house.

Q- Does my child have to sign up before tryouts?

A- All travel tryout participants MUST be registered in-house before they will be able to try out.

Q- What is the additional time commitment for travel?

A- Travel has one additional practice and one additional game per week.  They also will get into a couple of tournaments which will not conflict with in-house.

Q- What is the cost for travel?

A- Travel costs usually range between $175 and $250 above the in-house cost.

Q- What age groups have travel teams and how many in each one?

A- Clinic will have a 7-8 travel team if there is enough interest generated during registration.

All other age groups will have up to two travel teams depending on interest and talent level.

Q- How are travel teams selected?

A- Teams are selected by independent evaluators.

Q- How are travel coaches selected?

A- Travel coaches are selected after the travel teams have been determined.  If you are interested in being considered as a travel team coach, please contact the travel coordinator and let him know of your interest.


Rev August 2022